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Respected Pennsylvania Elder Law Firm Safeguards the Interests of Seniors

Well-informed Newtown attorneys provide experienced guidance to elderly individuals and families

Elder law encompasses a wide range of issues of importance to senior citizens, and our seasoned attorneys at Dumont & Watson, P.C. in Newtown have guided individuals and families in planning for their future for a combined six decades. When you have a concern regarding financial planning for nursing care, have questions about long-term care or are concerned about protecting your healthcare wishes or financial assets in case you become mentally or physically disabled, you can trust our reputable Pennsylvania law firm to provide sound advice and knowledgeable guidance.

How an attorney can help with financial planning for long-term care

Medicaid — known as Medical Assistance in Pennsylvania — pays for long-term nursing care and other healthcare services, but it can also take people’s homes and other assets if they have not put preventive plans in place. Before you potentially need long-term nursing home care, you may be able to protect your assets through Medicaid qualified annuities, Medicaid asset planning trusts, income only trusts and other financial vehicles. Our attorneys can advise you of your options based upon your individual situation. Elderly and disabled veterans may also be able to get help with nursing home costs and other medical treatment through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Types of advance directives in Pennsylvania

While you are of sound mind, you can put advance directives in place to enforce your wishes should you become physically or mentally unable to make decisions for yourself. A living will directs care providers on what kind of life-sustaining treatment to provide or withhold if you cannot tell doctors yourself. An advance directive for healthcare appoints a trusted family member, friend or other person as your agent to make healthcare decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself. For decisions involving money, you can delegate another person to handle your financial affairs by executing a durable power of attorney. Our elder law and estate planning firm can draft these documents for you to help ensure that your healthcare and financial management wishes are followed should you become incapacitated in the future.

Guardian of the person and guardian of the estate

When a family member did not plan ahead and draft a will or other advance directives and now needs someone appointed to make financial or care decisions for them, we can advise you about the court process of petitioning to become a legal guardian. There are different types of guardianships, including a “guardian of the person” and a “guardian of the estate.” The guardian of the person makes all decisions regarding the health and welfare of a severely disabled person. A guardian of the estate makes only financial decisions for an individual whose disability makes him or her unable to manage their own money.

Contact our experienced elder law attorneys in Pennsylvania for assistance

The attorneys at Dumont & Watson, P.C. in Newtown assist elderly Pennsylvanians and their families with legal concerns related to aging. No matter what your particular issue is, we may be able to help you once we learn the details of your matter. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at 609-688-8400 or contact us online.