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Experienced Estate Planning Lawyers in Newtown Handle Your Family’s Needs with Care

Knowledgeable Pennsylvania attorneys alleviate uncertainty when creating a will

At Dumont & Watson, P.C., in Newtown, Pennsylvania, we have more than 60 years of combined experience helping clients prepare for the future to avoid leaving their families or other beneficiaries with the uncertainty that comes with poor estate planning. We understand that each client has unique needs when drafting or modifying a will, selecting an executor for the estate, establishing a guardianship, or reducing estate taxes, and our strategies will reflect your specific needs.

Taking the guesswork out of passing on your assets

Creating a will is very important, but many clients are overwhelmed by the intricacies of Pennsylvania estate requirements. We can assist you with:

  • Drafting your will — We can help you craft a precise and accurate will that leaves no ambiguity. Our goals are to help your beneficiaries avoid probate disputes and to make sure that the will complies with the requirements of all jurisdictions involved, including where it is drafted and executed.
  • Changing your will — You may need to modify your will because of a change in your circumstances. We can pore through your existing will to ensure that the new terms are properly set forth.
  • Choosing an executor — Choosing the right executor for your estate can be a challenge, but it’s a crucial part of the planning process that can help your beneficiaries avoid litigation in the future.
  • Using a Revocable Living Trust – Our office can help you avoid some of the requirements of the probate court by utilizing a Revocable Living Trust to shelter your assets and take care of your loved ones. A Trust can simplify and expedite the process of transferring your assets to your family if something happens to you.  It’s especially helpful to avoid the probate system in other states if you own properties in other jurisdictions.

Whatever your circumstances and goals, our firm will be glad to sit down with you and carefully plan out your wishes.

Helping you plan for your family’s future

A poorly planned estate can burden beneficiaries in unintended ways and reduce the value of the assets. When you have minor or disabled children, it’s essential to provide for their care, as well. We make every effort to help clients fully protect those they love by:

  • Setting Up Trusts for Children – A properly drafted estate plan will include a trust for your people in the event that neither you or your spouse survive. Careful thought and discussion surrounds this subject, and you can rely on the experience of our attorneys to listen to your concerns and make recommendations pertaining to a trust and naming guardians, to raise the children. We also work with parents to create Special Needs Trust for those children who by reason of a disability, need more attention and care.
  • Reducing estate tax issues – We help clients set up trusts, including Life insurance Trusts, Inter Vivos Revocable Trusts, Qualified Retirement Trusts, Qualified Personal Residence Trusts, and Education Trusts.

Regardless of the challenges of your particular situation, our skilled estate planning attorneys can help you weigh your options and guide you in your decisions.

Contact a compassionate Newtown estate planning attorney for a consultation

To schedule your initial consultation at our Newtown, Pennsylvania office, contact Dumont & Watson, P.C. at 267-757-8710 or contact us online.