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Caring Newtown Attorneys Handle Probate Issues

Detail-oriented Pennsylvania lawyers advise on the allocation of assets

Probate is challenging for family members who are dealing with the distribution of a loved one’s property. If the will is disputed, the process will likely be costly and time-consuming. At Dumont & Watson, P.C. in Newtown, Pennsylvania, we have more than 60 years of combined experience in Pennsylvania probate matters and use the knowledge we’ve gained to resolve clients’ concerns efficiently and cost-effectively. If you are dealing with intestacy issues, problems caused by a do-it-yourself will or some other complication, we’ll examine the relevant laws and the decedent’s instructions to see how we can move the process along.

Assistance with administrative tasks and tax matters for your estate

The probate process can be daunting, but our communicative probate lawyers simplify the process by offering personalized advice on issues such as:

  • Developing the best probate strategy — A sound probate strategy can prevent unnecessary hassles and costs. Regardless of whether an estate is distributed under the authority of Pennsylvania’s Orphans’ Court or in another jurisdiction, we outline the relevant legal requirements and help you find the option that works best. Simplified probate may be available when the estate is worth $25,000 or less, excluding real estate, certain vehicles and other exemptions.
  • Gathering assets and transferring them to the estate — Bank accounts, uncollected wages, vehicles, real property, securities and IRAs are all examples of property that might be transferrable to the beneficiary or joint owner upon your death. Whether your estate is large or small, our firm can be counted upon to file the will promptly, make the proper notices and issue letters testamentary to shift assets into the estate.
  • Reducing taxes owed by the estate and beneficiaries – Pennsylvania Inheritance tax exposure exists in every estate based upon the amount of the property transferred and the relationship between the beneficiaries and decedent. We will prepare the inheritance and federal estate tax returns to keep the taxes to the minimum permitted by law.
  • Handling probate disputes — Probate disputes can erupt when potential beneficiaries disagree regarding the testator’s true intent. With an experienced probate attorney on your side, you can receive a thorough, accurate assessment of each side’s position. We work diligently to protect our clients’ best interests through skillful negotiation and litigation if necessary.
  • Helping beneficiaries and survivors claim property — When all of the assets have been brought into the estate and obligations have been addressed, our firm conducts an orderly distribution of each item to the intended heirs. 

Our experienced attorneys give detailed advice to help personal representatives and beneficiaries understand the probate process and take effective action.

Contact our diligent Bucks County probate lawyers for a consultation

To arrange an initial probate consultation at our Newtown, Pennsylvania office, call Dumont & Watson, P.C. at 267-757-8710 or contact us online.